We’re proud to welcome you to the newly expanded Ark in West Rogers Park and The Ark Northwest in Northbrook. 

Dinner-Less Dinner

Anchored in Empathy. Powered by Community.

Dinner-Less Dinner is The Ark’s signature yearly fundraiser. Because all of our work is funded by the community, the Dinner-Less Dinner is an essential source of support. Stay tuned for our 2023 Dinner-Less Dinner campaign!

Our Sponsors

Robert Cheifetz and Sandra Raitt 

Debbie and Robert Hartman 

Dina and Stephen Isaacs 

Adam and Lindsey Labkon 

Jackie and Arthur Schneider 

Karyn and Bill Silverstein 

Taxman Family Foundation 

Rachel Kaplan and Robert A. Riesman, Jr. 

Jacob and Edy Kupietzky 

Ronald and Lisa Lavin 

Laurie and Lew Leibowitz 

Elaine Loseff 

Missy and Dr. Allan Malmed 

Susan and Leonard Rubin 

David Shmikler and Elizabeth Stein 

Abraham and Suri Stern 

Barbara and Steve Wolf 

Michael and Barbara Zaransky 


David and Ruth Binter 

Vivian and Nathan Bloch 

Zivit and Steven Blonder 

Margie Breyer and Glen Marder 

Francine and Dr. Anthony Brown 

Dr. Nehama Dresner 

Ms. Alexandra Dunietz 

Glenn and Donna Garfinkel 

Jonathan Hanus 

Nina and Arnie Harris 

Mr. Jeffrey Harris 

Jill and Douglas A. Hirsh 

Jeremy and Vered Kaufman 

Sue and Jordan Klein 

Shari Helft Lennon and Will Lennon 

Mr. Peter Levy 

Max and Sandra Lorig 

Hella and Eli Okman 

Freda Robinson 

Elliott and Ronni Robinson 

Dr. Randy and Gila Robinson 

Eric Rothner 

David and Aviva Rubin 

Naomi and Jerry Senser 

Perry and Kimberly Shwachman 

Ariel Investments 

Michael and Helen Arkes 

Alissa Berman 

Dr. Irving and Eleanor Birnbaum 

Bulley & Andrews LLC 

Sheila and David Cahnman 

Stan and Sasha Diskin 

Dan and Debbie Eisenstein 

Naomi and Jeremy Fogel 

Arnold and Ilea Goldberg 

Steven and Pamela Handmaker 

Dr. Daniel and Sharon Katz 

Dr. Steven and Rochelle Katz 

Avril and Hersch Klaff 

Mrs. Debra Korman 

Joel and Penny Meisel 

Frank and Karen Metzger 

Clyde Partner and Julie Victor 

Mike and Judy Philipp 

Michael Shechtman 

Jonathan Smith and Nancy Gerstein 

Marc and Melissa Spellman 

Carol Warshawsky 

Bruce and Tammy Werner 

Rev. Noah Wolff 

Gene and Julie Amromin 

The Azaraf Family 

Sharen and Marc Berman 

Rabbi Reuven and Nechama Brand 

Lynne and Fred Brody 

Lawrence and Janice Brown 

Mark and Jean Burnstine 

Chris Coetzee and Lindy Hirschsohn 

Judge Morton and Reva Denlow 

Dr. Scott Dodelson and Marcia Markowitz 

Fogelson Foundation 

Barbara and Jack Fox 

Wendy Fox and Jon Schneider 

Ronna and David Friedman 

Herbert Goldsmith 

Larry and Leah Goldstein 

Marna and Daniel Goldwin 

Jacob Hartz and Tamima Wyszkowski 

Michael Hartz and Andrea Cohen 

Maureen Horwitz 

Moshe and Shoshana Kahn 

Charles and Robin Kafenshtok 

Joanie and Richard Leopold 

Craig and Monette Leva 

Jonathan Lewis 

Josh and Elana Lipman 

Dr. Jerome and Jan Loew 

Andrew and Jennifer Lucas 

Elan and Rebecca Magence 

Monica and Richard Magid 

Jeffrey and Andrea Meltzer 

MLM Foundation 

Larry Pachter and Sandy Starkman 

Tamar Rubin and Adam Parker 

Jon and Ellen Sue Parker 

Carole and David Perlman 

Cindy and David Pogrund 

David and Rochie Porush 

David Rebnord and Marilyn Green-Rebnord 

David Ross and Linda Chi-Ross 

Paula Barnett and Gary Ruben 

Hal and Cindy Schwartz 

Dr. Lewis Seidenberg 

Mimi and Rabbi Samuel Seleski 

Valerie and Lee Shapiro 

Dr. Ronald and Catherine Silver 

David and Lauren Silverman 

E. Merle and Howard Simon 

Libby and Adam Smoler 

Dr. Michael and Donna Socol 

Todd and Raphaela Stern 

Lauren and Steve Strelsin 

Jason H. and Karen N. Sussman 

Adam and Lisa Vales 

Lennie and Jessica Weiss 

Linda and Stanley Weissbrot 

Debbie and Heshy Wengrow 

Shabsai and Debra Wolfe 

Irving and Carol Yoskowitz