We’re proud to welcome you to the newly expanded Ark in West Rogers Park and The Ark Northwest in Northbrook. 

Vehicle Donation Made Easy

Support The Ark and Drive Impact

Thank you for considering a vehicle donation to The Ark! Donating your used car, truck, or motorcycle is a great way to use a vehicle you no longer need to support The Ark’s vital work helping those in need in the Chicagoland Jewish on their path to self-reliance.

The process is simple. We accept donated vehicles in any condition. We work with a trusted partner who will make an appointment with you to pick up the vehicle from you at a convenient time and sell it on behalf of The Ark. This is a tax-deductible donation, and we will provide you with a receipt and all the necessary documentation. There’s no cost to you, and our partner can usually schedule an appointment in as little as 48 hours to pick up your vehicle.

If you have questions about making a financial contribution or other ways to support The Ark, visit arkchicago.org/donate, or contact us at 773-681-8980 or giving@arkchicago.org.

To get started, complete the online form below, call 773-681-8978, or email us.
Explore FAQs at the bottom of the page for answers to commonly asked questions.


Frequently Asked Questions  

Does my car have to be in good condition? 

No, we accept vehicles in any condition, running or not.  

Do I have to bring my vehicle to The Ark? 

No, we will arrange to have it picked up by our trusted partner. We will call you to schedule a convenient time. 

How long does it take to have my vehicle picked up? 

In most cases, vehicles can be picked up within 2-3 business days. 

What do I need to give you when you pick up my vehicle? 

Have the title and keys to your vehicle ready to give the tow truck driver when the vehicle is picked up. Sign the title on the “Signature of Seller” line, but DO NOT write anything else on the title (no Buyer, no Assignment, no Date.) We will do that when the vehicle is sold.  

How does the title get transferred out of my name? 

We will register the transfer of ownership with the Secretary of State’s office after the vehicle is sold.  

What if I don’t have the title? 

If you don’t have the title, enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the online form. The VIN can be found on your Registration and insurance cards. When the car is picked up, the tow truck driver will bring a document for you to sign, giving us permission to get a duplicate title. If you’re arranging the donation by phone, please mention this when you call.

What if my vehicle is part of an estate? 

In most cases, if you are the executor of the estate, you can sign the title. In some cases, a copy of a death certificate may be required. Please contact your attorney or the administrator of the estate for more information.

Will I get a receipt? 

Yes. When the vehicle is picked up, you will get a receipt showing that you have donated your car to The Ark. After the vehicle is sold, we will notify you of the specific amount that you may claim as a tax deduction.  

How much is my vehicle worth? Should I look at the Blue Book? 

We sell vehicles at market price. The Blue Book may indicate an average, but we can’t guarantee a particular value for any vehicle.  

How will I know the value of my donation, for my tax deduction? 

By law, the value of your deduction is equal to the amount that the vehicle sells for. We will notify you within 30 days after the sale, and early in the next calendar year we will send you the relevant form to attach to your tax return for the year in which the car was donated.  

  • If the amount is $500 or more, we will ask you for your Social Security Number, per IRS requirements. 
  • If the sale price is less than $500, you are responsible for determining the value of the vehicle, as you would if you had donated food, clothing, furniture, or other items. Your SSN is not required. 

What if the vehicle isn’t at my home? 

If the vehicle is at a mechanic, business, or other address, check off and fill out the alternative location box on the vehicle donation form. 

Does the vehicle have to be in the Chicago area? 

We pick up vehicles from throughout northeastern Illinois. If you have questions about whether we can pick up from a specific location, please contact us directly to confirm.

Do I need to be there when the vehicle is picked up? 

Not necessarily. You may arrange another way to get the keys and title to us. Please check the alternative pickup box on the online form, and briefly describe how you would like to transfer the keys and title.

What happens to the license plates and city sticker? 

Please remove the sticker if you wish to keep it. If you want to keep the license plates, you may remove them or ask the tow truck driver to remove them for you. If you don’t want them, they will be destroyed. 

How do I start the process? 

Fill out the vehicle donation form or call 773-681-8978. We will contact you to schedule the pickup.