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The Ark’s Partnership with Hinda Institute

The Ark was honored by the Hinda Institute at “Break The Cycle” on May 28, 2023 at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Hinda Institute is an organization dedicated to reducing recidivism and addressing mental health challenges in the Jewish community among those experiencing incarceration. We are proud to extend our professional case management and compassionate care to the individuals and families impacted by these life changes.

The Ark’s Rabbi Shlomo Tenenbaum shared words of Torah as he reflected on The Ark’s partnership with Hinda Institute:

“Every morning of the year we recite the blessing matir asurim, thanking G-d for freeing those in captivity. It raises the question: if one is already free, why do they give thanks? And if one is not free, how can they express gratitude for something they don’t currently possess?

Perhaps the answer is that captivity is a form of isolation where one is separated from the resources they need to thrive. One can be free and yet very isolated and alone.

The Ark takes great pride in our decades of partnership with Rabbi Scheiman and the Hinda Institute in making sure no matter where a Jew is, they are not alone, forsaken, or forgotten. The Hinda Institute keeps myriads of Jews with challenging circumstances spiritually alive.

The Ark is able to help support Hinda Institute’s work by making sure every Jew knows there is a supportive network and a loving Jewish community to help them persevere through hardship and thrive in the next chapter of their life.

This is why we bless G-d every day for providing us with a community that values and cares for every Jewish person and liberates us from disconnection and solitude. Just as G-d never forsakes us, we are blessed to do the G-dly task of caring for every member of the Jewish people, recognizing the intrinsic worth and interconnectedness of each individual.”

Thank you to Hinda Institute for our strong and enduring partnership.