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Unlocking the Power of
Your Resume

It is the perception of the reader, not the intention of the writer, which has the most impact.

The first thing to know is there is no such thing as the perfect resume. Resumes continue to evolve and change, just like you do. If you are not getting bites for interviews, it might be time to reevaluate the resume and/or the types of jobs you are pursuing. A resume is not a laundry list, but a crucial tool for setting first impressions and highlighting skills, strengths, and accomplishments.

Quantify the accomplishment claims you make – prove that you know how to effectively use the skills that the job you are applying for demands. Remember that your accomplishments and results are what every hiring manager looks for to validate the true strength of your candidacy. Examples of achievements might include saving your company money, increasing profits, identifying and resolving mistakes, and training and management techniques.

Reviewing job descriptions of interest and knowing how to build a strategic resume encompassing the demands of the position is imperative. In addition to highlighting how your qualifications align with the responsibilities of a position, don’t forget to show that you understand and welcome the opportunity to work within the overall culture of the business.

One last point: it is not easy to write your own resume. While you can find different templates, remember to customize your resume to reflect who you are and what you bring to a position. If you need assistance, the Ark will be more than happy to write your resume using a professional resume writer.

Stay tuned for more short pieces of advice as we continue to provide job search information. Next up: the importance of cover letters, networking, and what networking really is – or should be.

Let us know if you find these short tips helpful! Reach out to schedule a one-on-one Zoom meeting with Andrea Storz, Director of Employment Services at 773-681-8964 or astorz@arkchicago.org.