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Mental Health Services

A Supportive Community

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Intensive Day Program

IDP enhances and enriches the lives of Jewish adults living with mental health challenges. We support clients through a warm community to achieve greater wellness and self-reliance.

The IDP program offers a full menu of daily therapeutic, creative arts, and activity-based groups in an atmosphere that fosters positive social interactions and celebrates Jewish values and rituals.

Participants have access to individual case management appointments to work on issues ranging from access to benefits, coordination with other health care providers, housing, budgeting, and employment. Additionally, staff offers individual therapy appointments to work on relationship issues, identifying and managing symptoms, coping with stress and crisis, and working towards goals. For many of its participants, IDP is a community, a family, a place to belong and feel valued.

Child and Family Wellness Program

In the aftermath of the pandemic, schools face a growing challenge to meet the escalating mental health needs of their young students. Through a generous grant from the Robert and Debra F. Hartman Family Foundation, The Ark has partnered with REACH, an organization serving the diverse academic, social, and emotional needs of school children, to launch a new Child & Family Wellness Program. This program will provide critical mental health support to children whose families do not have the resources to access treatment on their own. 

School administrators and educators refer students to be assessed for service eligibility. As Ark professionals evaluate a participating child’s therapy needs and connect them with clinicians across our community, their families will work with an Ark Case Manager to access comprehensive, holistic support for any number of challenges they may face. A significant grant from the JUF Mental Health Initiative will also fund the addition of a full-time clinician to work in schools that lack permanent, on-site social work and mental health professionals to better identify and evaluate students who could benefit from this unique program. 

Psychological Services

The Ark is fortunate to have a psychiatrist on staff for adults 18+. Other mental health professionals are also available to provide support for clients facing emotional and mental health challenges. A developing area of service for Ark clients is psychological testing when needed to help assess conditions and guide a care plan. 

After joining IDP, I discovered many talents I never knew I had. I now write a column in our newsletter, poetry, and short stories to share in the poetry workshop and creative writing classes.

— Client, Intensive Day Program

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