We’re proud to welcome you to the newly expanded Ark in West Rogers Park and The Ark Northwest in Northbrook. 

May 2024: Honoring Mental Health
Awareness Month

This Mental Health Awareness Month, we shine a light on the vital work of The Ark’s mental health services through the Anna and Jacob Fine Social Services Center and our professional staff and volunteers, including Eitan D. Schwarz, MD, FAACAP, DLFAPA, who has been generously volunteering with The Ark for over 20 years.

Dr. Schwarz, a distinguished psychiatrist with more than 50 years of experience, holds double board certification in child and adult psychiatry, fellow status in both the American Academy of Child Psychiatry and the American Psychiatric Association, and a notable career as a chief resident at the University of Chicago.

His journey with The Ark began with a recommendation from his daughter who saw The Ark as a perfect fit for him and his desire to make a difference in the Jewish community. Since then, Dr. Schwarz has continued to see Ark clients for in-person consultations, volunteering his expertise while also operating his practice in Northbrook. His motivation is simple: “It’s the pleasure of doing a mitzvah. All Jews are a part of our nation, and we need to do our part to support every aspect of it.”

The Ark connects individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other struggles with experts like Dr. Schwarz, who offer a level of care that may otherwise be inaccessible. With an approach focused on incremental improvement, Dr. Schwarz has helped dozens of Ark clients facing chronic mental health challenges stay grounded. Whether encouraging a client with social anxiety to engage in simple activities like walking their dog or helping a client without a cell phone acquire one, he believes in creating meaningful relationships, providing personalized care, and going beyond traditional medication management. He focuses on the importance of small victories, stating, “If we can help others maintain a level of functioning that rewards them with a sense of connection with other people and their own selves, that’s dayenu (enough) for me.”

Dr. Schwarz is deeply grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with The Ark’s case managers and fellow volunteer professionals. He acknowledges how psychiatry has evolved to more prescription-based treatment but values the chance to coordinate with social workers, bringing out the vital human side of treatment. Together with The Ark’s Social Services team, his focus remains on aiming for moments of betterment and providing indispensable support to the Jewish community. Learn more about how The Ark supports our community’s mental health at arkchicago.org/mental-health-services.