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Who Am I, Professionally?
The Ark Helps with Job Readiness

The first step in conducting a productive job search is to establish a professional identity. Of course, that does not mean you are limited to targeting only one field of opportunity. For example, let’s say you have strong work experience in sales. If that’s the case, you can obviously develop a resume highlighting your sales expertise, but you can also use and spin your background for a customer service or training or development role.

An identity allows you to consider peripheral opportunity beyond your current field. Determining a focus can help eliminate much of the stress that comes with an employment search and the frustration of trying to narrow down what career is right for you.

Here are 3 useful strategies to identify and reacquaint yourself with your core strengths and interests:

  1. Be Honest with Yourself. Compile a list of your true hard and soft skills. Perusing job boards is a smart way to see what the expectations and skills are for specific opportunities. Reviewing job descriptions provides you with the chance to familiarize yourself with the skills employers are looking for, reminding you of what you bring to a position.
  2. In What Role/Industry Is Your Work Experience the Strongest? Research opportunities that ask for comparable skills to the ones you’ve already built. Highlighting your experience in a way that is applicable for other roles will present your flexibility and demonstrate how your skills can transfer across industries.
  3. Build a List of Achievements. Hiring managers want results and providing them with this type of data has a powerful impact. Remember, there are different types of data beyond just numbers, such as successful project outcomes, portfolios, and customer feedback.

Establishing a professional identity will set the stage for the next step in your job search journey – an effective resume!

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