We’re proud to welcome you to the newly expanded Ark in West Rogers Park and The Ark Northwest in Northbrook. 

Find Your Professional Identity

Establishing or re-establishing a professional identity and finding a new job that fits can be challenging. There are many personal and professional reasons that may lead you to find yourself in need of guidance or support. We recently spoke to a highly successful sales professional, who, as a result of the pandemic, was forced to rethink his career path.

“I loved my job,” said Richard, “but it was eliminated at the start of the pandemic. The industry I was in was declining before COVID and I had to accept that my job may never come back and that I needed to make a proactive change.”

After Richard met with The ARK job professionals to analyze his skills and experience, he agreed with their assessment, and decided where to refocus his career. “Was I hesitant and a bit frightened? Absolutely! The ARK team helped me strategically choose realistic opportunities, even if those jobs required training.”

After brainstorming with our team, rewriting his resume and conducting interview sessions, Richard regained his confidence and decided to improve his technical skills so that he could explore new venues. Within one month, he was offered two jobs, both with respectable salaries to meet his family’s needs. Not everyone will take this path, but whatever route you choose, we will partner with you for a positive outcome.

“We want the Jewish communities to know that The ARK is safe for any number of difficult situations.” says Andrea Storz, Director of The ARK’s Employment Services department. “We treat each client with respect and are completely committed to helping them conduct a productive job search with confidence.”

Between professional resume and LinkedIn writers, interview coaching, networking education and placement opportunities, The ARK works with clients in a supportive, dignified and confidential setting to reintroduce our clients to the 2021 job market. Having the right job is the foundation for overall stability and we want to help our clients get there.

The ARK Employment Services professionals can help you with this first step, and many more aspects of the job search. The ARK also offers assistance to small businesses needing or wanting help with the hiring process, writing job descriptions, resume assessment and staff moral situations.

If you are seeking professional guidance, contact Andrea Storz at astorz@arkchicago.org, at The ARK’s Employment Services department.