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Client Success Story: Employment

An ARK client recently shared her story with us and asked us to share if it could help others. All services are free and confidential. If you or someone you know could benefit from The ARK’s services, please call us at 773-973-1000.

“The ARK’s food pantry, medical services, and case work support provide lifelines to those in need.  I have benefited from all of these opportunities and am appreciative.  Having food to eat, regaining my health, and talking to a compassionate social worker gave me the strength to search for a job, and for this I am beyond grateful for the ARK’s employment services.” Read more…

I came to the ARK following divorce proceedings which left me with no money.  No. Money. In addition, I lost my job due to the hundreds of hours I spent in court and taking care of my child. Diagnosed with depression, I couldn’t sleep and found it difficult to take two steps, much less search for a job. I would remain unemployed for over a year.

It was in this condition that I met with Andrea Storz, The ARK’s Director of Employment Services.  She was glad to help! Her encouragement meant everything to me and gave me hope. She started by helping me identify what I wanted to do, what really excited me.  Her excellent suggestions lead me to do the work of researching jobs and informational interviewing, and she was always available to hear my progress. After focusing on a new career, Andrea offered to help me create my resume.  It was so weak and unfocused that I was embarrassed to share it with her.  Not to worry. She took what was there and quickly reformatted it and added language to highlight my skills and experience. In partnership with her, I revised it until it reflected my genuine desire for this specific work and my ability to do it.

With a strong resume and excellent interviewing tips from Andrea, I got a job in two months. It was exactly what I wanted, and I still have it.  Being employed provides meaning to my life, enhances my self-worth and of course pays the bills.  I thank the caring and talented staff at the ARK for making this all possible.”