“Good Day Chicago” Fox32 April 5, 2020


During "Good Day Chicago" FOX32’s 7am broadcast, ARK Executive Director, Marc Swatez, discussed the current impact of COVID-19 on The ARK’s services and increased need [...]

“Good Day Chicago” Fox32 April 5, 20202020-04-06T13:39:55-06:00

Help With the Hiring Process


There are several areas where businesses have the opportunity to set themselves apart as a desired employer. The ARK’s Employment Professionals serve the businesses in our shared community by discussing [...]

Help With the Hiring Process2020-01-23T13:46:09-06:00

No Longer Alone in the World…


When Stefan came to America from Romania four years ago, he got a green card and found work as a handyman. Things were looking up, until...

No Longer Alone in the World…2020-01-24T09:51:02-06:00
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