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Feed the community

Pantry Collection Guide

Help us stock the food pantry with nutritious kosher food and household essentials.

Help us stock the pantry

As prices for groceries and home goods continue to rise, The Ark strives to provide clients with much-needed food, toiletries, paper goods, and specialty items. The inventory in our Food Pantry is getting low.

The time is NOW to launch a pantry collection drive! We provide additional information and shopping bags that may be helpfu.

Suggestions for launching a collection drive:

Contact us at volunteer@arkchicago.org for a specialized list of items that are needed the most.

Share the list of general needs in the pantry.

Invite a staff member from The Ark to speak with your community or group about the services and programs offered by The Ark (age-appropriate programs offered for pre-K through adults).

Create some friendly competition between various clubs, groups, neighbors, or between classrooms to see who can bring in the most of a certain item for your collection drive.

Cleaning out your kitchen? Taking a trip to the store for some bulk items? Running out for some last-minute shopping?

Consider grabbing a few extras from The Ark’s shopping list. The need is at an all-time high, and the donations we receive will diminish quickly.  All items must be marked as Kosher. Gift cards to Jewel in the amount of $25 are also needed and appreciated.

For more information, please contact Dawn Lieberman, Director of Community Engagement and Education at dlieberman@arkchicago.org