Learn More About West Rogers Park


West Rogers Park has seen many changes it has been Thirty years since The ARK first opened its doors.

Learn More About West Rogers Park2020-01-22T11:23:41-06:00

A Worthwhile Pause


A college summer intern realizes the impact of her work at The ARK.

A Worthwhile Pause2020-01-22T11:22:17-06:00

Shopping List


Help The ARK provide food and toiletries for over 2,000 families by shopping for these needed items.

Shopping List2020-01-22T11:22:18-06:00

No Longer Alone in the World…


When Stefan came to America from Romania four years ago, he got a green card and found work as a handyman. Things were looking up, until...

No Longer Alone in the World…2020-01-24T09:51:02-06:00

Be Like Noah


It’s almost impossible not to see a correlation between the Biblical account of Noah's ark and the long series of mostly natural disasters that have taken place in our country over the past seven weeks.

Be Like Noah2020-01-22T11:22:18-06:00

Need in Our Suburbs


From Skokie to Highland Park, there are a growing number of families struggling to make ends meet.

Need in Our Suburbs2020-01-22T11:22:18-06:00