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The ARK Employment Services

We can help you with your hiring process in many ways!

Identify desired skill set of your next hire

Assist in writing an effective job description

Identify best platforms to post your job openings

Analyze candidate resumes

Train in religious sensitivity and PTO

Evaluate benefits

Enhance interview techniques, e.g. what to ask and how to listen

Develop creative incentives

Assist with salary negotiation

Discuss remote workforce opportunities

Take the time to analyze the available position, determine the qualifications and responsibilities that come with the job, the skill set and experience needed, and the personality that you feel would be the right fit.  All of this should be decided before you put a job description together. The following suggestions might be helpful during the very beginning stages of starting to fill a vacant position.

  • If the position is an existing one, review the responsibilities and expectations of this job. Establish what has worked in this role and what hasn’t, and assess any changes you feel should be made. There’s a good chance productivity will be improved by the modifications made to this specific job. Know what key words you are looking for when reviewing a resume.
  • A newly developed position, can be a journey for both the supervisor and the employee.  It is up to the hiring manager to keep in mind that changes will probably occur as the job grows. Patience and sensitivity should be extended to the new staff member as she/he transitions with the job.
  • While evaluating a candidate’s skills and experience is definitely a part of the screening system, determining if the culture of the company or organization is the right fit is equally important. Always consider if a potential employee has the capacity to be trained, can grasp concepts quickly, and/or has the drive to make it work.  Having skills is essential, but it’s all about knowing how and when to use them to achieve the desired results.

Finally, give new employees a reasonable and realistic period of time to become part of your team!

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