For some parents, the requirement to purchase a wide variety of school supplies is a huge burden on already-stretched resources. Just as your children use fresh binders, highlighters, and glue sticks, so too do the children of our clients.

You can help.  And your help will make a difference in the lives of our community’s children. Through the generosity of our donors and volunteers, the Backpack Project provides our clients’ children with backpacks and age-appropriate school supplies.

After you sign up, we will send you a list of school supplies needed by one or more children. You shop for and buy the backpack and school supplies and deliver the filled backpack to The ARK. We will give those backpacks to our clients so their children can start the coming school year with the right materials.

Important Dates:

Please sign up today!

Backpack assignments will be sent out within three business days.

All backpacks must be received in our offices by August 6.

Thank you for your support of the Backpack Project. If you have questions, please contact Carol at