An Intensive Day Program client has a treasured memory of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Me

The story starts back in 1965, when I was 14 years of age. I was an impressionable teenager and an avid AFL football fan. My father and I got tickets to the first game of the 1965 football season, where the NY Jest played the Kansas City Chiefs. Both those teams were part of the very new American Football League, later to be called the NFL. After the game, I went to the back of the locker room, where the NJ Jets team would exit. I wanted to meet the team as they left. I had taken a large amount of index cards, hoping to get many players’ autographs. When they started to exit, I ran into player after player who said to me, “get out of my way, kid …” They did not want to be bothered signing autographs. Being that hey all rejected me, I went to he Kansas Chief’s locker room at the other side of Shea Stadium. To my surprise and delight, I met the entire team at the exit door, where they proceeded to sign ll of the kids’ autographs, including mine. I was thrilled to meet them all and they also talked to me in a very personable manner. I was ecstatic and bragged to my schoolmates that I had all of these autographs.

To this day, I saved all these autographs in a special box that I have in safekeeping. Due to how nice their whole team was to me, I have been a fan of the KC Chiefs ever since, right down to the present day.